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Unazuki onsen – How to spend in this cosy onsen town


If you would like to indulge yourself in Japan’s cozy hot spring town, Unazuki is a place to go.

In fact, it does not only offer a scenic place facing a great gorge but also many lodgings with quality hot spring baths.

Here in Unazuki, you can also experience foot baths called “ashiyu” in Japanese and drop-in onsen called “higaeri-onsen”.

Moreover, you can find good traditional Japanese food and sake in the restaurants and lodgings there.

You may also want to visit Unazuki shrine while exploring the town.

Unazuki offers most of attractive features you may expect for in your journey in Japan.

The birth of the spa town

The spa town of Unazuki was born with the beginning of the development of hydro power in Kurobe river. Therefore, you can come across various ruins such as the old railway and hot water pipe which once used for the power development.

The source of Unazuki Onsen

Unazuki’s hot spring water comes from Kuronagi which is 7km upstream of Kurobe Gorge. Kuronagi hot spring produces 3,000 tons of hot water per day.

The spring, which temperature is about 88 degrees at the source, is alkaline simple hot spring and gentle on the skin of the people at all ages.

Foot baths

A footbath, which is called “ashiyu” in Japanese, is a hot spring that can be used casually even by those who think it’s a bit difficult to bathe in a hot spring. If you’re even slightly interested in it, you should give it a try.

Eki no Ashiyu Kuronagi

Eki no Ashiyu Kuronagi is the symbolic foot bath located at northern edge of the spa town, which is the closest one to both Unazuki station and Unazuki Onsen station. The temperature of the spring is about 50 degrees and it gives a smoothing effect on the skin.

If you are in a rush but thinking about bathing in foot bath in a short time, this would be the best choice for you. Eki no Ashiyu Kuronagi is

You can also enjoy bathing seeing good scenery of the spa town.


The bath was developed to commemorate the opening of Unazuki spa town. Foot bath is highly recommended for those who are not familiar to Japanese-style bath.

Drop-in hot spring

Yumedokoro Unazuki

It is a drop-in onsen which offers a short entry for day trippers who want to take a bath.

Just pay 510 JPY at the reception to enjoy the hot spring bath. The hot water there, which is said to be the clearest in Japan, cures your skin and helps you to be more beautiful.


In Unazuki, there are many attractive lodgings from guesthouses and ryokans. Here’s my most recommendable ones below.

Hostel Shuku

This is a truely convenient guesthouse located near Unazuki onsen station. It is operated solely by a gentleman who has worked for a first-class company in Japan.

As an ordinary guesthouse offers, it has a cozy lounge with a TV and refrigerator with good design.

The room looks like the ones usually seen in the cupsule hotels in Japan.

As other cupsule hotels and guesthouses in Japan, it offers a room by a reasonable price. So if you are a budget traveler, Hostel Shuku is a best choice for you in Unazuki.

Dining and Drinking

Cafe Baked Shou

The cafe is operated by the owner who also run Hostel Shuku which I mentioned above.

The owner proudly offers many kinds of wonderful pizza, delicious soft drink and many tasty types of beer. You cannot take in trouble any more to decide what to eat in Unazuki, if you don’t like Japanese food so much.

It is a Japanese-style restaurant which offers Toyama’s local food such as kamameshi (steamed rice bowl with local ingredients), Himi udon noodles, Unazuki croquette, etc. This is the best location if you are interested in Toyama’s local food.

Karaoke snack Boobee

Japanese people commonly enjoy a walk around a spa town, eating suppers at a small food shop, drinking at izakaya singing at karaoke bar and bathing in a hot spring bath. Snack refers to a type of tavern where a female bartender serves you over a counter.

Unazuki shrine

Unazuki shrine, which was built to watch over the power development of Kurobe Gorge and the prosperity of spa town of Unazuki, is believed to provide the townspeople and visitors with mental energy using the super natural power.

As I’ve introduced, Unazuki is the most popular onsen town in Toyama which is located at the starting point of your trip to Kurobe Gorge.

It must be so nice to stay in one of the charming logdings with a great dining after your trip to Kurobe Gorge.

If you are thinking about visiting Kurobe Gorge, I can proudly suggest you also stay in this marvelous onsen town.

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