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How to enjoy Kurobe Gorge by torokko (electrical) train


If you like to indulge yourself in great nature in Japan, Kurobe Gorge is a place to go.

Kurobe Gorge, which is known as the deepest V-shaped gorge in Japan, is located east of Toyama city.

Through 100 minute travel by local trains from Toyama station, you will get to a small hot spring town of Unazuki.

Taking an electric train called torokko is a must-do here. The torokko train will take you through Kurobe river and finally bring you to the deepest part of the gorge.

You will be surely satisfied with feeling the magnificence of the view of big red bridges, dams, mountains and rivers while on the train.

How to access to Unazuki

It takes about 100 minutes from Toyama station to Unazuki-onsen station.

In order to take the torokko train, you need to walk about 3 minutes from there to Unazuki station which is the first station of Kurobe Gorge Railway.

Which ticket to buy?

There are 2 stations up to Keyakidaira terminal. Please be advised you are not allowed to walk from one place to another due to the natural condition.

  • Visit one place -> Please buy a round-trip ticket only
  • Visit all places -> Please buy separate tickets everytime you get on and off 

Things to see while on the train

  • Yamabiko bridge [on the train]
    No sooner than the torokko train leaves Unazuki station, you will come across a big red bridge known as Yamabiko bridge. The name is named after the echo (yamabiko) made by the torokko train passing the bridge.
  • Unazuki dam [on the train]
    It is a 97-meter tall dam controled by Japanese government. It has such important functions as to adjust the water level, suply water to east area of Toyama prefecture, control flood and generate electric power.
  • Hotokeishi rock [on the train]
    The natural crag which looks like a buddha statue.
  • Kuronagi hot spring
    This is the source hot spring of Unazuki onsen sites, which comes out at the foot of the mountains. The outdoor baths are available for both day trippers and the lodging guests.
  • Sanzon buddha statues [Kanetsuri area]
    Buddhist deities are enshrined here to wish for divine protection from overflowing Kurobe River.
  • Okukane bridge [Keyakidaira area]
    A vermillion-lacquered bridge spanning Kurobe River. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the river from there.

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