Nagamachi Samurai District | Let’s walk on historic quiet passage


Kanazawa did not suffer from the damage caused by WWW2. In fact, many old-fashioned buildings still remain.

In the Kaga domain, all samurai were given houses, and Nagamachi was also one of the samurai’s residential areas, and in the Edo period, this area, which was the residential area for intermediate-level samurai, was located in the center of Kanazawa.

The townscape has a very quiet atmosphere. Each samurai residence has a magnificent gate, but inside is a place for Kanazawa citizens to live their daily lives.

The earthen walls are made solid by mixing gravel and compacting it. The lower part is a stone wall as a foundation, and the upper part has a board roof to protect the earthen wall from rain.


The old town of Kanazawa has many curves. Also, even a straight road can have slight angles. This is called “curved and straight.” Although it has no particular meaning or function in modern times, at the time it was said to have the effect of confusing enemies and bandits aiming for Kanazawa Castle.


Like Kurazuki Irrigation on Seseragi Street, water is drawn from the Saigawa River. During the Edo period, it was used as an irrigation water source for transporting timber and other materials to Kanazawa Castle.

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