Kanazawa – things to do in the city full of beautiful Japanese culture


If you come to Japan to find the authentic beauty of Japanese tradition and culture, you cannot miss Kanazawa.


Kanazawa has all types of elements which reminds you of Japanese culture.

Kenroku-en garden showcases a huge beautiful garden built by the great feudal lord family of Maeda.

Nagamachi samurai district makes you excited as if you were traveling back in time to the Edo period (the era of samurai between 17 and 19th century).

Furthermore, Higashi-chayagai geisha district is a good place to enjoy the macha green tea with traditional Japanese sweets and you can appreciate traditional Japanese dance.

How to visit Kanazawa from Toyama

If you stay in Toyama, it is very easy to visit Kanazawa.

There are several ways to travel to Kanazawa from Toyama station as shown below.

  Travel Time Fare (one way) Note
Shinkansen (bullet train) 20 mins. JPY 3,190 JR Pass can be aplied.
Express bus  60 mins. JPY 1,200  
Ainokaze Railway 60 mins. JPY 1,240  
Rent-a-car 60 -90 mins.    

Garden of Kenroku-en

Kenroku-en is the most popular tourist destination in Kanazawa.

It is absolutely a huge garden with many features.

Ken translates as “combination”, roku as “six”, en as “garden”. Kenroku-en is named after a “garden with a combination of six elements”.

The six elements are spaciousness, waterflow, tranquility, artificiality, antiquity, and prospect.

I don’t want to tell which can be found at which place now. Please find them out visiting Kenroku-en.

Please visit the article below for more information.


Higashi-chayagai District

It is a street located east of Kanazawa station, which is full of traditional Japanese cafes and attractions. Now let me introduce some good locations in Higashi-chayagai District.


It is an old teahouse where the elegant feasts used to be offered in old times. Guests, especially wealthy men were served nice dinner and entertainments performed by geigi (female dancer) and musicians.


It used to be a beauty salon for geigi and now is a cafe where you can enjoy several types of traditional Japanese sweets with a good command of the traditional street of Higashi-chayagai district.

You would be satisfied with not only an excellent taste of the sweets but also the beautiful view of the utensils known as Kutani-yaki.

This is all for now, thank you for reading through my article!

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