Hida Folk Village to see how the gassho-zukuri houses transformed


Old houses and everyday utensils are lost with the passage of time. However, Local people are striving to invent various ways to pass on these valuable cultural heritages to future generations. Hida Folk Village has collected such old houses throughout Hida region to showcase the atmosphere which reminds you of the hardships and wisdom of people in the past through the appearance of old private houses and the many production tools from mountain villages.

Source: kankou-gifu.jp

Gassho-zukuri houses that have seen the changes of the times

There are some gassho-zukuri houses which were designated as Important cultural assets.

Wakayama-ke House(若山家)

In Wakayama-ke House, you can see how the gassho-zukuri houses transformed through the transition from hip and gable style to gassho-zukuri style.

Tanaka-ke House(田中家)

This building was used by Tanaka O’hide, a Japanese scholar from Takayama, to manage his tenant crops. There are beautiful hatchet marks left on the pillars and floorboards.

Taguchi-ke House(田口家)

The house was owned by a landlord family and originally located near the border with Mino Province, the southernmost tip of the Hida region. It has many rooms as it was often used for gatherings. Since the house was located near Mino Province, where there is little snow, there is a hallway outside the shutters and as a whole it was vulnerable to the weight of snow.

Yoshizane-ke House(吉真家)

This building uses pillars called mukai pillars, which are made from wooden legs. When the Edo period’s great earthquake hit this region, Yoshizane-ke house survived while most of the houses were completely destroyed.

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